Intex Ramps Up New Options for COVID-19 Driven Demand for Cleaning Wipes

In light of the exploding consumer demand for cleaning wipes for use with surface disinfectant chemicals to combat the spread of the coronavirus, Intex DIY, Inc., a leading supplier of textile and disposable cloth-like wipes to the US retail market, has responded with both a rapid increase in production capacity as well as the release of new consumer options. These options include an increased production of a hygienic cloth wiper that removes pathogens, and a disposable cloth-like wipe that can be used in conjunction with your disinfectant of preference.

PC-00200-12_frontThe unique microfiber-enhanced hygienic cleaning towels sold under the pureclean™ brand provide a highly effective wiping tool to remove viruses from surfaces. When used with simple water alone, pureclean™ removes 99.9% of pathogens dead or alive*. When used in conjunction with economic spray-on disinfectants with virus kill claims, pureclean™ provides an extra level of hygienic cleaning called “kill and remove.” In this cleaning protocol, the surface is not only properly disinfected, but pathogens, both dead and alive are removed from the surface and contained in the pureclean™ cloth which provides additional contact time with the disinfectant. Pureclean™ has the bulk and softness of terry with the cleaning power of looped microfiber.

Intex is also releasing an innovative new disposable wipe option called SNAPS™!

75ct_Snaps_Mock_16MAR20SNAPS!™ are extra-large cloth-like wipes from Intex. They are five times stronger than paper towels and are designed especially for use with spray-on disinfectants for safer surface cleaning.

Durable SNAPS!™ save money and clean better than paper towels. SNAPS!™ are extra-large sized (10in x 7in) on a perforated centerfeed roll that snap apart and are packaged in a resealable plastic dispenser bag with a zipper closure.

As a unique option, SNAPS!™ provides the opportunity for consumers to save even more money by pouring their favorite disinfectant from value-sized bottles into the SNAPS!™ dispenser bag to make economical ready-to-use wet wipes. Use with any brand, including Clorox®, Pine-Sol®, Lysol®, Simple Green®, Mr. Clean™, Formula 409® and more!

SNAPS!™ will be available for shipment within a few weeks.

Intex offers several other options for surface cleaning that are currently available in home improvement and mass merchandiser retailers nationally.

For more information, contact Intex at 1-800-753-5822 or email at info@intexsupply.com

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