What is Hygienic Cleaning?

pureclean surface cleanHygienic cleaning describes cleaning activity that especially promotes health and well-being. In today’s environment, one type of emerging hygienic cleaning practice involves the cleaning of hard surfaces consumers routinely come into touch contact with during their daily lives. This could include door-knobs or handles, appliances, handrails, counters, tabletops, bathroom and food prep surfaces, public transportation areas and other non-porous surfaces often touched at home and public venues.

Conventional cleaning techniques have involved the use of disinfectants with various kill claims for viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. These disinfectants are most often found in sprays or pre-moistened wipes designed to both apply and remove infecting agents.

I won't leave a spot behindHowever, most consumers are not properly utilizing disinfecting chemicals due to the required contact time (often called dwell time) required by the usage instructions to insure the “kill” efficacy.

Especially with pre-moistened wipes, users tend to wipe the surface in a single application; meaning wipe the surface and dry the chemical simultaneously. Often, this does not apply sufficient solution to the surface, or, allow adequate contact time for the kill agent to act effectively.

The common non-woven material used in most pre-moistened wipes is not designed for removal of pathogens, rather they are designed to apply the chemical saturated in the wipe.

PurecleanHowever, Intex DIY, Inc. has developed a tool that accommodates a more effective hygienic cleaning practice. The product is a unique microfiber enhanced cloth called pureclean™. Pureclean™ towels are manufactured in EPA registered facilities and are independent laboratory certified to remove 99.9% of pathogens dead or alive, including MRSA, salmonella and Norovirus.

Utilizing the advanced removal efficacy of pureclean™, users spray the disinfectant of their choice directly onto the surface that needs to be cleaned. After allowing sufficient contact time (1-3 minutes), the surface is wiped dry with the pureclean™ towel.

With the hygienic cleaning protocol described above, called “kill and remove”, the surface is not only properly disinfected, but pathogens, both dead and alive are removed from the surface and contained in the pureclean™ cloth which provides additional contact time with the disinfectant. Pureclean™ cloths can be rinsed out or machine washed, and re-used multiple times, saving money over single-use pre-moistened wipes.

“Kill and Remove” provides a higher level of hygienic cleaning. For more information, contact Intex DIY, Inc. at 800-753-5822 or email us at info@intexsupply.com.


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